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About the Artist

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Cari Thompson

Cari graduated with degrees and honors in Fine Art, Art Education and Fashion Design, which enabled her to travel to Europe for her career as well as spiritual endeavors. When she returned to the US, she settled in Carmel CA, where she was mentored by Roberto Lupetti, a Master Painter who had helped to restore the Sistine Chapel. He taught her to paint in the classic Renaissance style, and told her to "first learn to paint what everyone sees, and then paint what no one sees". She spent countless hours studying and refining her skills in painting, color, composition, and design. She enjoyed teaching at the local college as well as at her Center for Creative Arts.


Her intention is to create artwork that inspires, heals, and nurtures the human spirit, by helping to restore beauty and optimism to this rapidly changing world. She has always been drawn to very eclectic and challenging subject matter that seems almost impossible to render in oil paint, particularly the challenge of images like iridescent butterfly wings, hummingbirds, and Nautilus shells. Much of her artwork inspires deep contemplation, laughter, or both. A recent example would be "The Poker Game" with Spock, ET, Yoda, Neytiri, and a little Grey.

Cari has always been a Futurist, who believes that there is far more to life than meets the eye, and for many years she studied archetypes and mystical symbolism. So her paintings have evolved from photoreal to more symbolic and surreal images that appear to be drawn from the future and from distant realms. Some have even referred to it as soft disclosure or a 2D reflection of Pink Floyd. Her work has been gaining more and more attention as her 5D world of fantastic realism heads for the Golden Age.

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