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Fairie's Lament.jpg

Fairie's Lament

The Poker Game.jpg

The Poker Game

Einstein's Formula

If He comes back.jpg

Out For a Spin

Moving into 5D.jpg

Moving into 5D

Conquering Self.jpg

Conquering Self

A New Daybreak l.png

A New Daybreak

Sharing the sky.jpg

Sharing the Sky

Dreaming a New Dream.jpg

Dreaming a New Dream

The Perfect Wave l.png

The Perfect Wave

Her Royal Highness.jpg

Her Royal Highness

Baby Bengal_edited.jpg

Baby Bengal

The Last Eclipse 12 x 16_edited.jpg

The Last Eclipse

Ascension 20 x 24 l_edited.jpg


M & Ms into UFOs_edited_edited.jpg

M & Ms into UFOs

Feline Race Guarding the Earth 8 x 20.jpg

Feline Race Guarding the Earth

Neo Napoleon

Egyptian Queen 10 x 12.jpg

Egyptian Queen

Neo Napoleon

The Blue Avien


The Sun instructing the Earth 8 x 10_edi

The Sun instructing the Earth


The Master's Evening

Initiate's Dream

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